"My favourite thing about a person is their unique scent. And I’m not talking about the type of perfume or cologne they wear, I’m talking about them personally. Every persons is distinct, buried deep within the pores of their skin and you really only notice it once you’re intimate with them. Sometimes, when you least expect it, you’ll be walking through the middle of a shopping mall or waiting at a bus stop, and it’ll randomly come to mind. It’s the type of memory that cannot be erased, the type you don’t want forgotten. Whether they’re still a part of your life or not, there’s a homely feeling to it, a longing to go back to how things were or a desire to continue how things are"

One of the boys I work with got given a $30 tip today from two drunk guys.

We work at kfc, this was pretty exciting for us okay.


Where to begin, let’s start with the end, this black and white photo don’t capture my skin. From the shock of a shell, or the memory of smell… ↳ If red is for hell, the war was in color.

Screencap meme: Faceless + Doctor Who

My talents include:
-being able to text really fast
-destroying my sleep pattern in one night